[ANN] SpiFly 1.0.14 released

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[ANN] SpiFly 1.0.14 released

Raymond Auge
The Aries team is happy to announce the release of SpiFly 1.0.14.

The major feature of this release is the addition of a Framework Extension [1] bundle which, due to enhancements in R7 framework that allow for dynamic installation and resolution of system bundle fragments, solves the start ordering issue related to the use of Service Loader Mediator.

The new Aries SpiFly Framework Extension bundle is a fully self contained extension bundle that does not require additional dependencies and provides the full capabilities of Service Loader Mediator without the start ordering issues.

PS: I still need to update the SpiFly documentation page.

Raymond Augé (@rotty3000)
Senior Software Architect Liferay, Inc. (@Liferay)
Board Member & EEG Co-Chair, OSGi Alliance (@OSGiAlliance)