[DISCUSS] - Release of Aries Tx Control 1.0.1

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[DISCUSS] - Release of Aries Tx Control 1.0.1

Timothy Ward-2
There have been some minor improvements across the Transaction Control components since the 1.0.0 release. Mostly these are additional tests (OpenJPA 3.0, Transaction Control), but there have also been updates to bnd and HikariCP.

The latest build snapshots still pass the OSGi compliance tests, and our existing test suite is pretty comprehensive, particularly with the new additions. I’m therefore proposing that it’s time for a 1.0.1 release (the last release was 9 months ago).

My hope is that the next set of updates will be to add JPA 2.2 support, but this would be a significant effort (updates to Aries JPA and then a 1.1.0 of the JPA resource provider) and I don’t think it should block the release of these other enhancements.

I’m sending this mail out just to check whether anyone else has pending changes that they want to put into the release. If so we can discuss adding them. Assuming there isn’t anything I’ll be in a position to start a vote by the end of the week.