Generate markdown configuration from metatype xml

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Generate markdown configuration from metatype xml

Dominik Przybysz

I do not know if these lists are good places for announce new tools for OSGi related things, but are definitely lists which the most of the OSGi users read.

I and my team encounter many times some problems with metatype XML for non developers. It is part of a bundle and has not user friendly format, so it is not very convenient to read. Currently available tools show configuration editors only when bundles are installed on OSGi container.

That is why I would like to introduce our new maven plugin - metatype-exporter-maven-plugin [1]. The plugin reads all metatype files and creates configuration description in markdown format. Such file can be placed for example at github, gitlab or any other wiki supporting markdown.

We invite you to test it and if you have comments or ideas how to improve the plugin then let us know via github issue. We hope the plugin will be helpful also for you.

Pozdrawiam / Regards,
Dominik Przybysz