[subsystem] help to understand missing requirement resolution issue

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[subsystem] help to understand missing requirement resolution issue

Seth Lana
I'm facing an issue where one embedded bundle is not being resolved due
a missing service requirement.

I have faced this kind of error before with EventAdmin service, and to
fix it, I needed to add the missing service in a Subsystem-ImportService

but this time the bundle providing the service interface is also
embedded with the subsystem. the bundle that is not being resolved
implements that service.

Do I need to import services or declare capabilities even if those
services are being provided by bundles inside the same scoped
region/subsystem ?

> org.osgi.service.subsystem.SubsystemException:
> org.osgi.service.resolver.ResolutionException: Unable to resolve
> /tmp/inputStreamExtract6862922225699681437.zip/com.t1000.dopper.controller-0.1.1.qualifier.jar:
> missing requirement
> org.apache.aries.subsystem.core.archive.RequireCapabilityRequirement:
> namespace=osgi.service, attributes={},
> directives={filter=(objectClass=com.t1000.dopper.controller.spi.configuration.ConfigurationManagementService),
> effective=active, resolution=mandatory, cardinality=single},
> resource=/tmp/inputStreamExtract6862922225699681437.zip/com.t1000.dopper.controller-0.1.1.qualifier.jar
>     at
> org.apache.aries.subsystem.core.internal.Utils.handleTrowable(Utils.java:117)
>     at
> org.apache.aries.subsystem.core.internal.SubsystemResource.computeDependencies

Anyway I tried to include
in a Subsystem-ImportService header but no effect. it still fails to
resolve the bundle.

thanks for any help.